Crest Receive High Marks In Polk County Independent Review

Posted on: October 26, 2016

Crest Services in Des Moines once again participated in– and received high marks in– the independent Polk County Health Services Community Living Outcomes Evaluation.  The evaluation reviews 16 areas- Housing Homelessness, Jail, Employ-Self Sufficiency, Employ-Engagement, Adult Education, Somatic Care, Community Inclusion, Negative Disenrollment,  Psych. Hospital, ER Visits, Participant Retention, Direct Staff Stability and Other Staff Stability-( not scored, just for data purposes), Participant Satisfaction and Quality of Life.

The survey was based on Agency self-report, Case Manager Report and interviews conducted by the Law, Health Policy and Disability Center at the U of IA College of Law.  This year, Crest Services received an overall score of 88%, up from 86% in 2015. The overall Community Living System average was 84%. Participant Satisfaction was 96% and Quality of Life was 93%.  Compared to other agencies in Polk County that provide similar services, Crest Services, and 1 other agency were at 88%, the others were all below.  Participant Satisfaction from this survey validates the internal survey we conduct with our members- internally our score was 97.5%. 

Based on Crest's score and the scores of the other 17 agencies that participated, we anticipate we will receive around $22,000-24,000 that we will use for our Direct Support Professionals (a requirement of the $ is that it be dedicated to items that will support and train the DSP’s).  This evaluation validates the quality services Crest provides to our members.