Transportation Fund

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Crest Services is one of a few agencies that have wheelchair accessible vehicles for the members.  Most agencies are unable to assist members who use wheelchairs have access their community.  Crest Services has been able to purchase vehicles which enable our members to be an active participate in their community.  One of the members who live in Des Moines has remarked, “Without Crest Services I would be limited in my ability to get around and go to my doctor’s appointments and see my friends.”

Providing transportation services to our members plays a vital role helping them access the opportunities throughout the greater community in which they live. Purchasing vehicles has proven to the most effective way to maintain our current programs and meet the expanding needs of our members. Please consider supporting this ministry to enhance the everyday lives of our members.  Each wheelchair accessible van currently cost’s $51,419 and it is our goal to purchase 4additional vans over the next 2-3 years.  Together, we can bring new freedom to our members.

2 Men and a Van

Crest Services was approached in 2003 to provide services to 2 men who were living in their own apartment.  Both men were in wheelchairs and needed a wheelchair accessible vehicle for transportation.  Crest Services was able to purchase a vehicle and having access to a wheelchair accessible vehicle increased their ability to attend activities, get to needed medical appointments and attend family functions.  By having access to the van, one of the men was able to go and visit his family, which would not be possible without our vehicle.  He has since attended family functions outside of Des Moines and has become more involved with his family.  Without access to the wheelchair accessible van, the lives of these men would have been very limited.