Housing Development

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Crest Services provides residential support to people with disabilities by helping them find safe, affordable housing. To make certain affordable housing is available Crest Services has found it necessary to purchase homes for our members. Through direct ownership we are able to maintain each property, create a safe, secure environment and provide our members with a fulfilling lifestyle. Please join us in this ministry.

"Forever” Homes

Affordable, safe housing can be a barrier to our members living in the community.  In one of our locations, the members living together needed a ranch style home to meet their changing mobility issues.  By purchasing a home and keeping the rent at an affordable level, the members were able to move to a home that met their needs and will be able to stay in their home for a long time to come.  This would not have been possible if Crest Services was not able to purchase the home.  Now these members can plan on a “forever” home.

Over the next 5 years, it is our goal to purchase 8 more 3-4 bedroom “forever” homes.  At current market prices these homes are around $130,000.  In a perfect world these homes would all be ranches that could be made wheelchair accessible if needed.