Harold W. Kleinpaste Nursing Scholarship

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About The Scholarship

The Harold W. Kleinpaste Nursing Scholarship was established to provide assistance to current Crest Services employees in their pursuit of education in the field of nursing. This program allocates funds to students for academic fees, course materials, books certifications/licensure and more.

The scholarship is awarded annually to an eligible staff member and grants up to $1,500 per semester.

Congratulations to the 2013-2014 Harold W. Kleinpaste Nursing Scholarship recipient: Shanalyn Harriman

Shanalyn Harriman has worked for Crest Services for the past 4 yrs as a direct support professional. In June 2013, Shanalyn graduated from Riverland Community College on the President’s list with a degree in Practical Nursing and received her LPN license. She is currently continuing her education with the goal of earning her degree as a Registered Nurse. Shanalyn goal is to provide safe, quality care that is holistic and patient centered, using sound using judgment and evidence based practice to the best of her abilities. Her deep passion and love for working with persons who have developmental disabilities is evident her excellent work she does at Crest Cervices.